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We are Gaby Ptak & Maca Jimenez Ayres and together we are Artesano Bakkerij. Raised in latin families, where watching mom and grandma cook from scratch for hours was the norm. Being surrounded by big family tables, with lots of food, different aromas and flavors whilst people enjoying the food and each other’s company was a recurrent weekly happening.

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Raised in Argentina, started her small bakery from home, catering cafes in the area. The positive feedback from customers gave her the confidence to continue her journey following a professional baking course at School of Artisan Food in the UK, taught by Masterbaker Wayne Caddy. Back from the UK she decided to quit her sales job and focus on gaining more experience and followed an internship at Fort Negen, in Amsterdam and worked later at Bakkerij Mama, both great organic sourdough bakeries. 


Almost 20 years ago she moved to Europe to follow her dreams. She left Chile but her heart always stayed with its culture, traditions and above all her love for food. Two years ago, determined to follow her passion for food she made a career switch and joined a chilean food venture where she gained great knowledge of the catering business.

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Gaby & Maca’s wish is for the bakery to be part of the neighborhood: a place where everyone feels welcome and inspired by the passion of the crew behind the counter – a place to celebrate the craft of baking and the local community. Producing slow fermented bread made of organic ingredients they want to also feed the community with great quality and wholesome food.

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